HW: 4 Loops and Conditionals

  • use mouseIsPressed to trigger something- I used the mouseIsPressed function to help me incorporate varying noises and colors. I was able to do this successfully by being able to click the canvas allowing the noise to stop/start and the same with the color changing.
  • use mouseX and mouseY to change a bool- I used this formula
  • make a gradient with a for loop- I was able to use a loop to help me with my desired colors for my background. I messed around with the numbers in my background to get the desired pastel colors.
  • make a ball bounce around inside the screen- I used the if function to help my ball bounce within the canvas. This function helped make sure the ball bounced within in my canvas and didn’t go off the edges.
  • use nested for loops to create complex designs- The mouseX and mouseY function helped me draw a cool complex design. By moving my mouse in different directions on the canvas my design changes. I really like this part of my design.




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